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Daisy Roots

Daisy Roots, the worlds first kite turbine.

This kite is spectacular, beautiful and powerful.

Carbon fibre ring tubes ensure smooth & precise, high output kite flight.

The stainless steel components will endure years of harsh deployment.

Connect, Launch then Charge.  Your travelling wind turbine is easy to use.

Daisy Roots represents the very best of 5 years R&D into airborne wind energy.

Contact us to arrange purchase.


Buying W&I merchandise funds research into open hardware renewable energy.

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Buy our gorgeous credit card size battery to keep your phone going when you get busy on the go.

£15 + £1.20 Postage

Extra phone power in your wallet


Windswept and Interesting are on a mission to bring clean energy to the planet. Take kite power to the world in your wallet.


You can also donate directly

Can you donate £9.99 ?

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I’d really appreciate it.

Also, If you can afford more, we can do a lot of good work with your money
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Higher Power for Hire

Your UK weekend event can have a uniquely spectacular element.

For £2399

The world’s cleanest & most beautiful energy system will fly high over your site all weekend long.
(minimum wind ~6 mph) If you have a hill or coastal site, this should be fine.
If the wind drops we display special no wind kites.

Our technicians oversee operation 24/7.
You guests have controlled access to the kites, the power and technicians.

Available June – August 2017
A kite needs lots of clear open ground.

Contact us to book your weekend.

The airborne parts: a 3×3 turbine & lifter set


Our core kite technology.
The full set of airborne components you need for an amazing kite turbine.
1 Stabilised single skin lifter kite.
All lifting and recovery lines.
A 3 x 3 rotary kite turbine network.
A 4 step torsion ring ladder.


it’s too beautiful, why generate electricity with your kite turbine.
you have a generation system of your own.
This kite just wants to fly and spin.
Make sure you have a big anchor and a strong thrust bearing.

Contact us to arrange your unique kite.

Thank You Forever

Windswept and Interesting owes a debt of gratitude to the following people. You all helped, donated, advised, inspired, supported, supplied, pushed, pulled.
You've Been There! The project has done amazing things already and it's going so much further thanks to you.


Gordon Old, Patrick Sherlock, Andrew Brightwell, Phil Owen, Iain Dobson, Baptiste Labat, Ferg and Alison, Kenny Morrison, Jane Mac, Sandy MacDonald, Night_cavalerie, Hazel Macleay, Jude Maxwell, Amrita Ahluwalia, Ben Sandeen, Alice & Patrick Read, Jude Watmough, The Tullochs, KB, My family, My kids and their pals, Local engineering shops like Ivor Murray and Gordon Diesels have been brilliant, All the AWES tech geeks openly discussing online, Eddie Weather, Local sailors and fisherdudes, Especially the Smith family, AWEC, AWEIA, ALI G, Roy D, UHI, Strathclyde Uni, TU Delft, Freiburg Uni, NASA, FAA, Leodsaich, All the windsurf, kite & nutter surf mates I "grew up" with and the elements... Thanks x

Windswept and Interesting ltd

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