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Kite Turbines

Low cost energy 
The best Power/Weight
Scalable, portable clean power

Why Kite Turbines

Because they're brilliant - See video above

We make Flying Wind Turbines
in Shetland

Next gen lightweight wind power

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We are Moving 

Let's face it, is a lot to type
We're moving to

Our Prototype Testing and modelling with University of Strathclyde proved Kite Turbines can be amazingly efficient

Only 2kg Airborne
>1.5kW output @10m/s

The best power to weight = the best scalability

Our Patent # GB 2588178  is now published with 25 claims approved.
We won't stop there. 
We have a new project...

10kW Kite Turbine
Automation Project

We are in phase 1 of a project investigating Kite Turbine Automation and Scaling
This ambitious project now has funding support from 
Shell GameChanger
Highlands & Islands Enterprise
Shetland Islands Council

Kite Turbines Enable Scale

Airborne Wind Energy Systems scale by using networks of kites
Keeping blade sizes consistent with most probable wind energy
The mechanical autogyro is easy to automate for larger deployments.

Network Kites are Safer
and more efficient

Multiple lines and multiple anchors avoid single point failures. Back lines stop breakaways.
Networked kite turbines still function even if multiple lines break.
Kite turbines have no lines running over drums or winches so there is virtually no line wear.
Kites stacked in networks share the same working lines this reduces the amount of drag per kite.

Tensile Rotary Power 
Also Scales Well 

Kites inflate their turbine rings up, out and around. 
This pulls the lines and transmits torque to ground.

A Stable lifting structure =
Minimal Land Use

Network design stabilizes kite operations in turbulent winds and over irregular ground areas.
This is more efficient than single line kite power designs which use more land per generated kWh

Open Foundation

You can build and test Kite Turbines <1kW

Patent Published and Still Developing

This technology has huge potential benfits in our climate crisis 
We need you onboard, We can do great things working together.


A kite turbine has less line drag than any other airborne wind turbine. Especially when it is stacked. More kites up a line = Less line drag per kite.

Safe to operate

Kite turbines can fly under 30m above ground - making them the only CAA ANO CAP393 compliant airborne wind energy system. 
Every part of a Kite Turbine is networked with multiple connections, so nothing can fly free.


Our multiline torque transmission system is incredibly lightweight and capable
The dynamics were first described by Ollie during his PhD in Strathclyde

The Kite Powered Car Mission

The Kite Turbine fits in the boot of an electric car. 
We used it to remotely part charge our e-nv200 van. 
Next is a mission to a remote location with nothing but Kite power to bring us back.

There's a lot of study going on right now. Windswept and Interesting are very grateful for the help of the Airborne Wind Energy Community. Especially researchers in University of Strathclyde
We are building collaborations across industry and preparing to develop an automated 10kW system to investigate scaling & offshore deployment potential.

Join in

This is going to be fun.

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