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Kite Power No Tower

Windswept & Interesting

We’re making Flying Wind Turbines

Kite Network Turbines are a Scalable Energy Source

Let’s source energy in a cleaner way.

These videos are a good introduction to flying wind turbines, kite power and our networked kite power designs.  We network kites together to make flying wind turbines.  We use kites instead of a huge tower, concrete base and long blades. This means a flying wind turbine is very lightweight and cheap.

The science of Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES) is growing fast. Our Networked kite turbine AWES have huge advantages:- 1 generator on the ground, 2 output is continuous, 3 hugely portable and scalable, 4  safer than single line systems, 5 networks are more efficient per land area…..and more…

Enough chat … time for another Windswept and Interesting playlist

Windswept and Interesting Ltd is probably the smallest company working in Airborne Wind Energy but our ambitions are by far the biggest. We won’t stop until massive flying wind turbine networks make all carbon-emitting energy systems obsolete.

Our designs and results are the MOST Scalable, Efficient & Safe AWES.

We have another challenge, you can help us with. We have a transportable turbine prototype which outputs >1kW, we want to develop a charging system compatible with a family sized e-car. Please help.

kite powered car journey

Kinda like this, but with high speed rigid blade kite turbines.

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Thank You Forever

Windswept and Interesting owes a debt of gratitude to the following people. You all helped, donated, advised, inspired, supported, supplied, pushed, pulled.
You've Been There! The project has done amazing things already and it's going so much further thanks to you.


Gordon Old, Patrick Sherlock, Andrew Brightwell, Phil Owen, Iain Dobson, Baptiste Labat, Ferg and Alison, Kenny Morrison, Jane Mac, Sandy MacDonald, Night_cavalerie, Hazel Macleay, Jude Maxwell, Amrita Ahluwalia, Ben Sandeen, Alice & Patrick Read, Jude Watmough, The Tullochs, KB, My family, My kids and their pals, Local engineering shops like Ivor Murray and Gordon Diesels have been brilliant, All the AWES tech geeks openly discussing online, Eddie Weather, Local sailors and fisherdudes, Especially the Smith family, AWEC, AWEIA, ALI G, Roy D, UHI, Strathclyde Uni, TU Delft, Freiburg Uni, NASA, FAA, Leodsaich, All the windsurf, kite & nutter surf mates I "grew up" with and the elements... Thanks x

Windswept and Interesting ltd

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