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Kite Turbines

Portable, Scalable, Clean

Kite Turbines Enable Scale

The only Airborne Wind Energy System offering real scaling.
Adding kites by number, by layer and concentrically.

Simple Mechanical Autogyro Kite

A simple Kite turbine works without needing any airborne controller.
It has continuous power output.
With no running line wear.

Network Kites are Safer

By having multiple lines and multiple anchors kite turbines Avoid single point of failure. 

Tensile Soft Architecture Scales Well

Kites inflate their turbine rings, pull the lines and transmit torque to ground

Only 2kg Airborne
>1.5kW output @10m/s

The best power to weight = the best scalability

Minimal Land Use

A single line kite power system uses more land then a network kite turbine

Open Foundation

You can build and test our older <1kW kite turbines

Patents Pending

This technology has huge potential benfits in our climate crisis 
We need you onboard, We can do great things with your investment.


A kite turbine has less line drag than any other airborne wind turbine. Especially when it is stacked.

Safe to operate

Kite turbines can even fly completely under 30m. Making them the only CAA ANO CAP393 compliant airborne wind turbine. Every part of a kite turbine has multiple connections so nothing can fly free.

The Mission

Next is making the kite turbine EV compliant. The kite turbine has been used to part charge an electric car and fits in the boot. Time to go the whole way. A couple of techy fixes first... Then, we're off to a remote location with nothing but kite turbine power to bring us back.

There's a lot of study going on right now. Windswept and Interesting are very grateful for the help of the Airborne Wind Energy Community. Especially researchers in University of Strathclyde
We are building collaborations across industry as we prepare for our first 5kW product release.
Then our first 7x5kW kite turbine network set. 
Then a 10kW, then a 7x10kW......

Join in

This is going to be fun.

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