Kite Power No Tower

Research Model


We need to build a ground based generator. A simple tracking device. Oliver wants to study this 500 Watt Performance Model

You can pre order the worlds first kite turbine. Everything we learned from 5 years of R&D is going into this product.

PhD Research

Flying Wind Turbine

We are LIVE on Indiegogo. Please fund Oliver’s PhD Hardware.

Youtube Videos


We have hundreds of Open Hardware AWES design concept videos online.

You’re going to need a big cup of tea to watch all of them… We even show you how to make kite powered tea.

Buy kite hardware

The worlds first kite turbine.

You can Pre-Order our next kite power device now.

Buy some toy kites from us. Kites are an amazing present.  fun for even 90 year old kids.

Or Donate to support our work.



Open Hardware






Windswept and Interesting share this technology without patenting. You can make these devices using our plans.


Windswept and Interesting ltd

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