Welcome to the new look Windswept and Interesting

It’s been too long since the last post sorry.
NEWS: I’ve been testing the newest Daisy model. Looks like it will spin a lot faster. Bit too easy to collapse though, so stiffening the lead ring should improve it.
When She spun, Daisy broke the crank connection on my bike / generator. It was misaligned so I’m changing to a front forks gimbal bracket design.

I’ve been to NZ to see Peter Lynn since I last wrote. He let me build his latest Single Skin Single Line lift kite. WOW Has it got power! I used it for the test which broke the crank.

The torque ladder transmission system is working well. I have added rings to cap the ends of the ladder. The rings have conical attachment lines to the tension line. This greatly improves alignment.

Photos and details of recent development are available on evernote open kite design notebook cc4.0

Enjoy the site for now. More soon.

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