100x100x100 and Wevolver

The 3 stack Daisy rig was tested again yesterday. It was launched as an attempt on the someawe.org 100w x100mins x100foot challenge.

This video shows the full test. Windswept and Interesting claims that the challenge has been successfully won.

OK that video can get a bit boring and it’s short on raw data long on hype.

Here’s something altogether more sensible. Wevolver.com an open source hardware community platform.

I’m proud to say that Wevolver will be helping to publish Daisy Airborne Wind Energy projects. The wevolver platform is a fantastic place to modify, build, fork, and develop hardware projects, as a community. Airborne Wind Energy will be well and truly open to anybody wishing to build, or improve it. Especial kudos to Cameron Norris working at Enable Makeathon for his work. Please do check out the amazing work of Enable Makeathon. Please keep thinking¬† about who might be able to help this project when it comes to¬†Wevolver.com. There are so many parts of the existing work which can be improved upon.

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