PhD and Sales

…Lots of updates

Well Daisy drivers have flattened out and efficiency went up.

There’s an Oliver Tulloch from Strathclyde Uni wants to do a PhD on rotary kite stacks. He has started with an excellent 8 week project analysing the torsion transfer nets and the modelling the power available from Daisy kite systems.

I’m going to sell the current prototype stack. I’ll miss it when it goes.

Another much more transportable larger diameter stack is on the way. yay. Will be in the loft sewing lots soon. hmmm.

A new ground station design has come from some good destructive learning Oliver and I managed.

So many design tweaks, addons and re-configurations in the pipeline.

You may have seen a new lifter network design in the youtube videos too.

back to work

Windswept and Interesting Kite ring system
Windswept and Interesting Kite ring system

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