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Need to charge your batteries when you’re off-grid? Go fly a kite!


Many of us dream of travelling into the wilderness, far from the reach of modern life, but the reality is that these days fully charged batteries and reliable communications are an integral part of that escape plan.


While a mini solar panel might be enough to keep your mobile phone topped up, how could you ever keep your electric car fully charged while off-grid?  Impossible.  Or is it?


Rod Read, an inventor from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, has taken on the challenge and is convinced it can be done. The trick is, he uses a network of kites as a wind turbine.


After successfully testing a solution to power his electric bike, Rod openly published working plans for it.

Rod now plans to scale his technology to the electric car level. “The bicycle challenge was easy enough,” explains Rod. “I cycled my e-bike and carried everything I needed to generate power while camping.” Rod used the kite to turn his regenerative e-bike motor to charge the bike battery.


Rods’ simple and affordable turbine uses spinning kites to turn a ground-based generator.  Working in an open source hardware environment, in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde and TU Delft in the Netherlands,  Rod has spent the last five years perfecting his design and his company is now selling these portable kite power systems online.


If you can fly a kite, you can now also generate sustainable energy.


So you’ve got remote power. What about communications? “Altitude really improves line of sight communications” says Rod. “With my phone secured safely inside a kite on the remote west side of the island, I can pick up 3G signal from the east side. Then I log into my phone’s wi-fi hotspot and I’m online!”


The self-sustained, internet connected, e-car camping trip will soon be a reality.


More information, including explanatory videos and sales can be found at – http://windswept-and-interesting.co.uk


Contact Rod: rod.read@windswept-and-interesting.co.uk +44 1851 870878

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