Gorgeous Ground Generator Progress

The new AWES ground Station Prototype…. DUUURRRRTTYY

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous AWES kite anchor, ground-based, power generator system in your life?

fair enough, I hadn’t either.

Massive Thank You to Gordon Diesels in Stornoway for their help with cutting, welding and humor readjustments 🙂 It’s brilliant. The tracking rotation is rock solid and  sooo smooth.

Bent pipe or more modular next time though.


Kite Power Ground Station Spot the Power Meter

That Iron, Nylon and Duct Tape machine can talk to my phone about kites.

Big Thanks to All these people:

Angus Smith and George MacLeod of Aiginish for technical skills.

Thanks to Ali G BeSpoke Bicycle Repairs @ The HUB for amazing Bike services.

Thanks to Kenny MacArthur for Yard and Shed space.

Thanks to SRM

Other Coves and Blones

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