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Kite Power No Tower


on Tour This Summer.

Airborne Wind Energy

See Daisy and other Networked Power Kites flying at

Singapore Kite Day 29 – 30 July

Off Grid Festival 10 – 13 Aug

Airborne Wind Energy Conference 5 – 6 Oct

Daisy and other networked power kite configurations will be flown at these and other events throughout summer 2017. Don’t miss your chance to see this historic kite in action.

Daisy Networks are the worlds most scalable Wind Energy Solution.

Daisy is the only kite power design with continuous power output.

Daisy Network designs were the first to prove tensile torsion transmission.

Networked Power Kites will demonstrate a variety of concept proofs live this summer.

Networked kites are the SAFEST,


and MOST EFFICIENT Airborne Wind Energy Systems.

They’re going to be BIG

Best of all, you’ll be shown how to make them.

See you there. Keep tuned for more!

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