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Kite Turbines, Kite Networks and Airborne Wind Energy.

Daisy Kite Turbines are going to have scientific recognition. The new AWES book is being sent for publication with Springer. Our chapter on Open Source Airborne Wind Energy Systems and the advantages of Networks in AWES is finished. KiteNetworksWandI  Many thanks to Roland for checking, clarifying, formatting and re-ordering. The chapter is the first scientific description of an autonomous AWES. And the first to describe the potential of daisy style kite turbines and kite networks for energy transfer and scalability.

The chapter has been a long time coming. Many revisions have been made over the last 2 years. It was clear at AWEC2017 that there is a trend toward multi and rotary kite concepts in AWES. For very good reasons too. Networks are the logical progression of kite AWES formations. Their safety, scalability, efficiency, portability and sheer ease of use make clear sense. The true formalisation of that statement will still take a long time but the logic of it is now truly being accepted.

Other News

Andy is moving back to the mainland. Andrew Reeve has been business manager and test organiser here at W&I. He’s enjoyed island life, the kitesurfing here is amazing. His welding has definitely improved. A total asset. He’s still part of W&I, we’ll be in touch regularly. His mastery of the kite turbine airborne wind energy business is now second to none.

We still need sponsorship support for the kite turbine car charge challenge. NOT LONG TO GO NOW. Sponsorship will allow us to build a safe electrical car charging system. We still need to safely convert our existing output through a suitably large inverter and “granny” charge cable. Housing the equipment to make it safe to use outdoor in the Hebridean winter will also help.

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One Response to Kite Turbine Airborne Wind Energy Networks Described and other news

  • Hopefully, those investor will invest this new renewable energy. We believe that kite turbine is one of the best renewable energy because it doesn’t produce a noise especially at night.

    This one will be part of experiment until it improves.

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