Portable Wind Power

W&I are all about Portable Wind Power.

The Daisy Kite Turbine is an amazing ecological energy sourcing solution.

You can use it as the power source for an off-grid electric vehicle.

At only 30kg CO2 emissions equivalent in production, the complete prototype has a predicted carbon cost of energy of only 17g CO2/kWh in year 1 (already better than solar over its lifespan) and only 1.7g CO2/kWh with consideration of replacement components thereafter. YES 62x less CO2/kWh than diesel in year 1 and 620X less thereafter.

Daisy is a stunning Airborne Wind Energy System and only improving.

Our new controller is working incredibly well, giving smooth output and plenty of detail from the testing.

The car charge challenge would have completed by now had our inverter not blown up… (The supposed easy bit of this challenge, a pre-made, already solved technology… failed) Oh well

Here’s a copy of the latest plan. Stay excited!

W&I Development 2018

A kite powered Electric Vehicle

Off-Grid, On the Road

Travel without polluting


Windswept and Interesting Ltd (W&I) make powerful and portable, flying wind turbines.

Any electric vehicle can carry our portable wind turbine for clean energy.

Electric vehicles can now travel far off grid, sourcing their own energy, without polluting.

Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES)

The science of flying wind turbines


AWES harvest wind energy at high altitudes where the wind is stronger and more reliable.

Flying wind turbines capture more wind energy, with less material.

There are over 80 AWES companies, including Google X Makani, Shell KPS, TU Delft and Ampyx Power.

The energy from powerful, lightweight kite turbines has a tiny carbon footprint.

A Network of Kites

Kites working in a team


Networked kites are the Safest, Most Efficient and Most Scalable AWES designs.

The W&I networked kite turbine “Daisy” is the Easiest AWES to make and fly.

Daisy (a multi stage, tilted hollow axis, autogyro, network kite turbine) is very stable in flight.

Daisy is the only continuous & autonomous mechanical power AWES.

The Daisy kite turbine packs away to 1/7500th of its flying volume.

Many network kite parameters (# of kites, # stacks, solidity…) can be modularly reconfigured in the field.

Using only toy kites the Daisy prototype produced an incredible 300W/kg power density.


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  1. Looks great!
    Are you producing any that would drive a 12 volt 1000 watt inverter for domestic workshop use????small enough but capable of being used in a back garden?
    Good luck

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