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Please read this Windswept and Interesting report into Airborne Wind Energy.

NEW: The report has been updated to this new version

It highlights a new approach, using evolutionary design software to design kite networks.

Kite networks are proving themselves.

Please join the effort to bring an open hardware energy solution. The more people who join, the faster the system evolves. The document is on version 4.3 now. Because of help and advice from Ben Lerner, Graham Brightwell and many others versions 4.4 and 5.0 will be out soon.

OSHWA-Member-Badge-General-Member-300x192Windswept and Interesting Ltd can now proudly show off our OSHWA membership badge.

High altitude airborne wind energy isn’t yet common, nor is it easy to analyse. Thus it has been hard for organisations to commit to funding research. There is a new push for airborne wind energy research. Hopefully the results of this AWE scoring matrix can help to clarify the potential of problems and opportunities inherent in various approaches. AWE-decision-matrix

More tests showing that top nets connecting multiple tethered kites make for a more stable meta kite lift system.

Electricity definitely goes into the battery. But keeping the toque along the drop from the kites relation to the gen set torque was never going to be simple. A software solution in the motor plus some ring to ring transmission as the ladder will prove helpful.
Daisy Kite Spinning a generator, Airborne wind energy, flying wind power

It’s been too long since the last post sorry.
NEWS: I’ve been testing the newest Daisy model. Looks like it will spin a lot faster. Bit too easy to collapse though, so stiffening the lead ring should improve it.
When She spun, Daisy broke the crank connection on my bike / generator. It was misaligned so I’m changing to a front forks gimbal bracket design.

I’ve been to NZ to see Peter Lynn since I last wrote. He let me build his latest Single Skin Single Line lift kite. WOW Has it got power! I used it for the test which broke the crank.

The torque ladder transmission system is working well. I have added rings to cap the ends of the ladder. The rings have conical attachment lines to the tension line. This greatly improves alignment.

Photos and details of recent development are available on evernote open kite design notebook cc4.0

Enjoy the site for now. More soon.

I’m a fanboy of Falco emotors. Chatting with Rakesh by email… It seems they might have a perfect solution for my off the shelf project needs.
A generator which can adjust it’s characteristics dependant on the kite torque and battery charging needs. Cool.
A cool feature of falco emotors is the wireless communications for generation parameter monitoring and adjustment. This will be another feature to help me with the connected requirements of the hackaday prize entry
I’m looking to gather more quotes from parties involved in Daisy production… A more accurate idea of costing will help product release.
Do you sew kites? let me know. are also expressing interest in developing Daisy. That’s pretty cool.

Thank You Forever

Windswept and Interesting owes a debt of gratitude to the following people. You all helped, donated, advised, inspired, supported, supplied, pushed, pulled.
You've Been There! The project has done amazing things already and it's going so much further thanks to you.


Gordon Old, Patrick Sherlock, Andrew Brightwell, Phil Owen, Iain Dobson, Baptiste Labat, Ferg and Alison, Kenny Morrison, Jane Mac, Sandy MacDonald, Night_cavalerie, Hazel Macleay, Jude Maxwell, Amrita Ahluwalia, Ben Sandeen, Alice & Patrick Read, Jude Watmough, The Tullochs, KB, My family, My kids and their pals, Local engineering shops like Ivor Murray and Gordon Diesels have been brilliant, All the AWES tech geeks openly discussing online, Eddie Weather, Local sailors and fisherdudes, Especially the Smith family, AWEC, AWEIA, ALI G, Roy D, UHI, Strathclyde Uni, TU Delft, Freiburg Uni, NASA, FAA, Leodsaich, All the windsurf, kite & nutter surf mates I "grew up" with and the elements... Thanks x

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