How Daisy Kite Turbines Evolved

Evolution of “Daisy” Kite-ring-turbine Concepts..

First thoughts

The “Daisy” kite turbine concept, started from asking if the radii of an autogyro kite turbine (Such as the superturbine® by Doug Selsam) can be significantly expand to increase the torque Read more

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The Off-Grid Electric Car

Can an electric car have an unlimited range?

Endless clean travel, sounds like an impossible dream, but sailboats have done it for centuries. The problem with sailboats is, they can’t nip to the supermarket or sail on the M9.

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Networked Kite Power

Kite Power or “Airborne Wind Energy” is a young field of science and engineering. We develop fast flying kites to harvest energy from faster winds at higher altitudes. This uses less material to make more power. Networked kite power Read more

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Rigid kite expandable nets

Rigid wing array kite turbines have huge advantages in energy generation. Read more
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Portable Wind Power

W&I are all about Portable Wind Power.

The Daisy Kite Turbine is an amazing ecological energy sourcing solution.

You can use it as the power source for an off-grid electric vehicle.

At only 30kg CO2 emissions equivalent in production, Read more

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Kite Turbine Airborne Wind Energy Networks Described and other news

Kite Turbines, Kite Networks and Airborne Wind Energy.

Daisy Kite Turbines are going to have scientific recognition. The new AWES book is being sent for publication with Springer. Our chapter on Open Source Airborne Wind Energy Systems and Read more

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Kite E-Car Challenge

Kite Energy Challenge



The car is an AMAZING start but there is still a lot more to sponsor before we can go – generators, charge control electronics, batteries, kites, carbon rods, sewing, lines, … keep it rolling!






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Daisy ON TOUR Summer 2017


on Tour This Summer.

See Daisy and other Networked Power Kites flying at

Singapore Kite Day 29 – 30 July

Off Grid Festival 10 – 13 Aug

Airborne Wind Energy Conference Read more

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Gorgeous Ground Generator Progress

The new AWES ground Station Prototype…. DUUURRRRTTYY

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous AWES kite anchor, ground-based, power generator system in your life?

fair enough, I hadn’t either.

Massive Thank You to Gordon Diesels in Stornoway for their Read more

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Wahooo we raised a massive £4600 for open kite power research hardware….

Who even knows what that is?

You brilliant folks know it. You know it has amazing potential to clean up our energy environment relationship.

Thank You X Read more

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