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Oliver Tulloch’s PhD on Kite Turbines

Oliver Tulloch from Strathclyde University needs needs to test Kite Turbines for his research. 

You can buy the world’s coolest kite and let Oliver test it for you.

Kite Turbine £5199

Oliver aims to :

  • model the characteristics of kite turbines and networks of tensioned torsion systems.
  • Assess ground generation design trade off effects on scaled up turbines.
  • Define optimal generation control principles.
  • Evaluate solutions for automating recovery and redeployment.
  • Standardise safe working design principles.

That’s a lot for 1 student to take on. GIVE OLIVER SOME TIME ON YOUR SYSTEM.

Oliver needs funding to test these kite turbines.

You can buy one, and Please let Oliver test it for you first.

After his testing you get the worlds only kite turbine.

You get the turbine and everything you need to enjoy using it. You get help, instruction and advice from Windswept and Interesting. You get video documentation, gratitude AND most importantly you also get Oliver’s opinion on your individual device.

Each Daisy Roots turbine is rated around 500 Watts.

5 of these turbines will be produced for and tested by Oliver before we sell our next model.

All components on this design will be forward compatible with the next model. Get it while it’s hot.

Windswept and Interesting Daisy Roots 2 Portable Turbine

Pre-Order a FLY & CHARGE model.

Sustainable power for your adventurers.

This model will be produced ONLY AFTER 5 initial PhD Daisy roots models have been sold and tested.

It’s going to be slightly easier to use


Delivery mid 2017.


Young Geeks Researching

Thank You Forever

Windswept and Interesting owes a debt of gratitude to the following people. You all helped, donated, advised, inspired, supported, supplied, pushed, pulled.
You've Been There! The project has done amazing things already and it's going so much further thanks to you.


Gordon Old, Patrick Sherlock, Andrew Brightwell, Phil Owen, Iain Dobson, Baptiste Labat, Ferg and Alison, Kenny Morrison, Jane Mac, Sandy MacDonald, Night_cavalerie, Hazel Macleay, Jude Maxwell, Amrita Ahluwalia, Ben Sandeen, Alice & Patrick Read, Jude Watmough, The Tullochs, KB, My family, My kids and their pals, Local engineering shops like Ivor Murray and Gordon Diesels have been brilliant, All the AWES tech geeks openly discussing online, Eddie Weather, Local sailors and fisherdudes, Especially the Smith family, AWEC, AWEIA, ALI G, Roy D, UHI, Strathclyde Uni, TU Delft, Freiburg Uni, NASA, FAA, Leodsaich, All the windsurf, kite & nutter surf mates I "grew up" with and the elements... Thanks x

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