Daisy ON TOUR Summer 2017


on Tour This Summer.

See Daisy and other Networked Power Kites flying at

Singapore Kite Day 29 – 30 July

Off Grid Festival 10 – 13 Aug

Airborne Wind Energy Conference Read more

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Gorgeous Ground Generator Progress

The new AWES ground Station Prototype…. DUUURRRRTTYY

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous AWES kite anchor, ground-based, power generator system in your life?

fair enough, I hadn’t either.

Massive Thank You to Gordon Diesels in Stornoway for their Read more

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Making a ring kite turbine Part 1 (very easy)

The latest set of instructions for creating a ring kite turbine are coming along rapidly.

 The Link    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0qQxFlXu7t-elE0UmFHT2lqYlU

Even better, the community is really coming together. Wevolver have taken me on board.


Everyone can contribute Read more

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100x100x100 and Wevolver

The 3 stack Daisy rig was tested again yesterday. It was launched as an attempt on the someawe.org 100w x100mins x100foot challenge.

This video shows the full test. Windswept and Interesting claims that the challenge has been successfully won.

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New Logo No Limits

To celebrate the wild weather and recent success of our 3 stack, ring to ring rotor…

The first stack of 3 ring to ring rotor kites

Windswept and Interesting have launched a new NO-LIMITS style logo… Because nobody knows Read more

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Ring to Ring drive test = All Good

Thanks again! to Local Legend Captain Angus Smith, who helped test this ring to ring rig.

This rig is different to before. Where there used to be a “rope torque ladder” at the bottom of spinning kites. Now I Read more

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Evolving Airborne Wind Energy Understanding

Please read this Windswept and Interesting report into Airborne Wind Energy.

NEW: The report has been updated to this new version

It highlights a new approach, using evolutionary design software to design kite networks.

Kite networks are proving themselves.

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Project development with generators, communications and maybe some cash

I’m a fanboy of Falco emotors. Chatting with Rakesh by email… It seems they might have a perfect solution for my off the shelf project needs. A generator which can adjust it’s characteristics dependant on the kite torque Read more

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Windswept and Interesting AWE posts

Hi, I’m Roderick Read. Welcome to Windswept and Interesting. This is my first post here. The site is new. I’ll be discussing our latest projects here. Such as the Tornado Kite as you’ve probably already seen.

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