Soft drivers and single line inline testing

Not sure I understand what happened at the start of this test…
The setup was all a bit different. The driver kites had their 2mm spar mast rods removed. They also had a fore ward line added between the backside elastic link and the ring red panel tether. The whole ring setup was this time lifted directly inline with the lift kite so it was under a bit more tension. The back end was held by a mast on a hillock.
Launching the soft kites in the lee of the hillock just didn’t seem to work. At least 1 was always collapsed. The ring was also compressing out of shape even after being thrown carefully into clean wind. As a kite collapsed it would often deform the ring.

Time to re-stiffen the driver kites. I pushed the rods into the green sleeves first. Missed out the blue sleeve as It was looking a bit distressed. I used duct-tape to set the driver kite rods onto the ring. hint: 3 strips, stuck one on top of the other is easier and neater than trying to add strip after strip. It’s very hard to get a finger between the ring and the sail (without releasing ring tension, always been left on so far even for packing away)

Re-try. During the initial re-launch there was a moment where the ring collapsed. Braking the wheel and pulling the appropriate driver kite tether out snapped everything back into shape. Launch went well. A thin line dropped from the lift line was paid out fully to raise the ring ~5m above the sands.

Deformations on the ring were now more constant and not causing collapse. Video needs analysis still. To be posted soon.
Not convinced that the “fore ward line added between the backside elastic link and the ring red panel tether” (catchy title) made much positive contribution. It was originally set there for pure soft kite mode.

Convinced myself now that there may be a way to let the kites adjust themselves for rotation flight direction… e.g. so that they always fly near perpendicular to the ring, instead of too far inside (crushing) or outside (inflating) the ring. A possible solution where the kite is not sewn on but set with sweep balancing lines to the ring… Certainly the ability to adjust for sweep would be good. I could sew on a sweep tension strap between the kite cells and the ring. This is where I start to need a sewing team. Any offers?

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